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Looking for a motivated boarder/ Leaser who is interested in working off board or a lease. We are looking for someone who would be available 5-6 days a week to clean stalls.

This Job includes, but not limited to:

  • Mucking  & Rebedding 11-18 Stalls per day
  • Scrubbing & Filling water buckets
  •  Sweeping/ Blowing Aisle clean of all dirt and Debris

Boarder/ Leaser is able to pick up other work such as:

  • Night Chores (Bringing horses in from paddocks & Feeding grain)
  • Misc. tasks such as pasture maintenance & cleaning goat, pig, and chicken pens...

Job Requires applicant to have reliable transportation, a cell phone & a positive attitude.

For More information on this job, please feel free to PM me, or submit a resume via email to with "New Hire Applicant" as the subject line.

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